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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our extreme sports therapy retreat, including safety measures and expected outcomes.

Where is Cabo Rojo?

Cabo Rojo is located at the southwest tip of Puerto Rico.

What airport is the closest Cabo Rojo PuertoRico?

There are 3 international airports in Puerto Rico - San Juan - Ponce - Aquidilla the airport closest to the Club x is Aguadilla.

Is there a shuttle to pick you up from the airport

 Yes a shuttle from the Club will be waiting for members to transport them to the Club.

What does the price include? 

It includes your food and accommodations and also includes the admission fees for all your excursions such as skydiving, zip lining and scuba diving. Your airport transfer also is included 

 Are there other locations 

Club X flagship location is situated in Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico other locations such as Punta Cana D. R. and Cartagena Colombia. 

What skills does one need to have to participate in the Club X retreat?

To participate in the scuba program one must be able to swim confidently.